Dzogchen Practice and Death

Dzogchen Practice and Death

April 22nd to 24th, 2022.    
"On the fifteenth day of the month the moon sets simultaneously with the sun's rising--there is no intermission.  A Garuda bird can fly simultaneously on hatching from the egg, it's wing power is fully perfected.  In the same way, a Dzogchen practitioner attains complete enlightenment simultaneously with the death of the physical body.  At the moment of death an experienced yogi does not lose consciousness but reaches enlightenment. "
Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche "Introductory Teaching"

"Sincerely take to heart the fact that the time of death lies uncertain.  Then , knowing that there is no time to waste diligently apply yourself to spiritual practice."

Tsele Natsok Rangdrol, "The Final Words of Tsele Natsok Rangdrol"

"At the time of death, you aren't certain where you will go, but you must follow your karma and undergo more suffering.  Therefore, you should now practice sustaining the continuity of the awareness that you have recognized andd nothing other than that."  Dudjom Rinpoche, "A Dear Treasure for Destined Disciples"

Our direct experience of death from the only perspective we know-- our experience of relative world-- is a challenge to all of our false beliefs about reality.  On the one hand, all religions have as their ultimate purpose the attempt to answer this ultimate challenge to meaning and existence. 

The Buddha's story is quite appropos of our current situation.  Exploring outside of the walls of his small-- seemingly permanent world-- he encounters old age, sickness and death.  In a similar way we also encounter these realities of our limited physical life.  Death is an unanswerable question.  In theistic traditions the emphasis is often placed on belief and worship of an external deity.  In Buddhist training the emphasis is on knowing the nature of mind as unborn-- unconditional.  Training in meditation is based on  developing confidence in this recognition so that at the moment of death one can let be in spontaneous, non referential awareness.  In this way, our inevitable death becomes an important reference point for our training.

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