Purnachandra Fleet Rendezvous Penobscot Bay

    Purnachandra Fleet Rendezvous Penobscot Bay

    This retreat is an opportunity to explore the phenomenal world from point of view of non reference point experience.  The sea is by nature groundless and lacking in the usual reference points that we lubbers rely upon which provides the perfect situation to explore non reference point experience--  the essential aspect of Dzogchen.  

    In this case, the form of learning to sail provides the skillful means for entering a world without reference point.  Besides learning the basics of sailing a 30 foot vessel we will be engaging in fundamental shamatha/vipashyana meditation on board.  

    This is a nine day retreat.  For the first few days we will do day sails around Rockland Harbor.  During the later part of the retreat we will do overnight cruises in Penobscot Bay.

    At the end, we will rendezvous back in Rockland for Dining in.  For ore information contact Captain Tashi Armstrong, Purnachandra 

    (207) 607-3392

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    Event Date 08-11-2023
    Event End Date 08-20-2023

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