Trekcho Retreat March 4-13,2022 “ Cutting Through Misconceptions From Within

Trekcho Retreat March 4-13, 2022  

"Cutting Through Misconceptions From Within"

"The essence of trekcho is simply to release the innate condition of mind essence uninhibited in naturalness and to sustain naked awareness in whatever is experienced, without accepting stillness as good or rejecting thought occurrence as evil.

if you know this vital point, you cannot avoid the state of meditation.  With no object to meditate on deliberately, you need not struggle painstakingly nor apply rigorous mindfulness.  Once you recognize Rigpa, you haven't strayed from the nature of the meditation state, since there is no basis for distraction or confusion to occur on the path."

Tsele Natsok Rangdrol

"The Circle of the Sun"

$795.00 includes room and board

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Event Date 03-04-2021
Event End Date 03-13-2021
Individual Price $795.00
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