Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche: "Hitch Up Your Chuba" :Prostrator's Weekend December 10-12, 2021

Quintessential Trungpa:"Hitch Up Your Chuba"--Prostrator's Weekend December 10-12, 2021

Cost: $295.00 includes room and board

Prerequisites: Successful completion of an"Introduction to Dzogchen Weekend" held at DMC; "Pointing Out instruction" from a qualified Lama and the lung, or reading transmission, from a qualified Kagyu lineage holder.

"So I want you to take the attitude that you are caught and I want you to accept that as a fact.  It is very easy in the beginning to ask to be included in the tantra group, an the implications seem to be rather light.  You want to get into the tantra guild, the innermost club that exists in the Vajradhatu scene.  Since you are in it, I want you to not get out of it.  And any regressions that might take place are regarded as adornment of your path, rather than signs that you are totally fucked up.  So I want you to pull up your socks, as we say in Tibet, "Hitch up your chuba."

Viidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

This weekend retreat will focus on the ngondro practices of the Kagyu Ngondro and the meaning of the preliminary transmission traditionally recieved in the Vajradhatu lineage and how we proceed.

We will be engaging the oral instructions on prostration practice of Trungpa Rinpoche and engaging in group prostration practice in the main shrineroom.  

The weekend will consist of talks by the resident teacher and the Practice of "mixing mind with space" the essential training of Dzogchen practice.  There will be group discussion and individual meditation interviews.



5-7  arrival and orientation

7-9 Shamatha/Vipashyana, and talk


6-7 Morning Chants, Shamatha/Vipashyana and First Session

7-8 Oryoki Breakfast

9-12 Shamatha/ Vipashyana; Technical instructions, visualization, shrine set up followed by a group session of Prostration practice.

12:30- 2:00 Oryoki Lunch and break

2:30-3:30 work period

3:30-4  tea

4-6 Prostration Session

6-7 Dinner in the Community room

7-9  Shamatha/Vipashyana Commentary on "Commitment and Devotion" and"Problems of emotionalism" and other obstacles during prostration practice"


7-8 Opening Chants and Prostration Practice

8-9 Oryoki Breakfast

9-12 Prostration Session Closing talk

12-1:30 Lunch and Reception in the Community Room


Event Properties

Event Date 12-09-2021
Event End Date 12-11-2021
Individual Price $295.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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