Shambhala Kyudo: Invoking Drala through the practice of Japanesee Contemplative Archery

Shambhala Kyudo Retreat

Pre-requisites: "Touch and Go" Retreat

This retreat will explore Kyudo as a Shambhala Art In the sense that the formal practice of Kyudo-- contemplative Japanese archery-- works as the method in which we engage and realize the teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche--the Dorje Dradul of Mukpo.  
     Many well-meaning people argue that Kyudo is not a "Shambhala Art."  Even in Japan Kyudo practitioners and scholars argue about whether Kyudo is a form of standing zen or more Shinto in origin.  There is a lot of heated scholarly debate.

I think we can leave these questions up to the scholars and leaders of religious organizations and dojos.  For our purposes,  as students of Trungpa Rinpoche, the reason for studying such a Contemplative Art is to mix our minds with the mind of the lineage as it is handed to us by a master warrior such as the Dorje Dradul of Mukpo.

 We have many forms for doing this in our lineage because the Dorje Dradul of Mukpo was a master of profound realization-- therefore the practice of shado, brush calligraphy, became a method through primordial Ashe practice-- waltzing, table manners, military drill, wearing kilts, dressage.  All of these forms certainly exist outside and independently of Shambhala Training.  However, for a genuine student of the lineage of Shambhala there is no point in engaging these arts from that point of view.  It would be like sitting in meditation without knowing the key point of that practice. 

When we engage kyudo as a Shambhala Art we join the ultimate view with the method and realize the great perfection or, in this case, the Great Eastern Sun.

This retreat is open to all.  Beginners will receive "first shot" instruction.  Class equipment is available.

$395.00 includes room and board.

Event Properties

Event Date 05-19-2023
Event End Date 05-21-2023
Individual Price $395.00
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