Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche: Dorje Kasung ,AWAKE

Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche: "Dorje Kasung AWAKE!"

"The real role of the Dorje Kasung is to provide tremendous accommodation and hospitality and to create the atmosphere for the teachings to be presented.  If we don't have the Kasung we can't teach dharma properly because there's no atmosphere created.  So we are not talking about the Dorje Kasung as henchmen.  Its not the idea of a Mafioso who demands either your brains or your signature.  We're not talking in those terms.  We are saying, quite simply, that when someone presents the buddhadharma, the Vajra Guards, the Kasung, are there to create a sympathetic and contained atmosphere.  Your responsibiity is much more than cleaning up somebody's mess, disposing of ther cigarrette butts.  And your duty seems to be much greater than you expected!"

Dorje Dradul of Mukpo Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Chogyam Trungpa often said that without the Dorje Kasung he could not present the  the buddhadharma properly.

This will be an introduction to Kasung practice-- specifically we will explore how to create a powerful "practice container"/mandala in order to manifest the blessings of the lineage of Trungpa Rinpoche and in that sense create an opportunity for people to experience the atmosphere of "sacred world."

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Event Date 03-17-2022
Event End Date 03-19-2022
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