No one with a sincere desire to attend will be turned away from registration due to lack of funds.  We have staff and workstudy positions, as well as scholarships available.

Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche: "Dorje Kasung AWAKE!"

"The real role of the Dorje Kasung is to provide tremendous accommodation and hospitality and to create the atmosphere for the teachings to be presented.  If we don't have the Kasung we can't teach dharma properly because there's no atmosphere created.  So we are not talking about the Dorje Kasung as henchmen.  Its not the idea of a Mafioso who demands either your brains or your signature.  We're not talking in those terms.  We are saying, quite simply, that when someone presents the buddhadharma, the Vajra Guards, the Kasung, are there to create a sympathetic and contained atmosphere.  Your responsibiity is much more than cleaning up somebody's mess, disposing of ther cigarrette butts.  And your duty seems to be much greater than you expected!"

Dorje Dradul of Mukpo Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Chogyam Trungpa often said that without the Dorje Kasung he could not present the  the buddhadharma properly.

This will be an introduction to Kasung practice-- specifically we will explore how to create a powerful "practice container"/mandala in order to manifest the blessings of the lineage of Trungpa Rinpoche and in that sense create an opportunity for people to experience the atmosphere of "sacred world."

Cost $195.00 includes room and board

Event Date 03-17-2023
Event End Date 03-19-2023
Individual Price $195.00

The Indestructible Path

Vajrayogini 4 Karmas Fire Puja

Celebrating the  Anniversary of the Parinirvana of Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Event Date 04-04-2023
Event End Date 04-13-2023
Individual Price $895.00
$895.00 10

Shambhala Kyudo Retreat

This retreat will explore Kyudo as a Shambhala Art In the sense that the formal practice of Kyudo-- contemplative Japanese archery-- works as the method in which we engage and realize the teachings of the Dorje Dradul.  Many well meaning people argue that Kyudo is not a "Shambhala Art."  Even in Japan Kyudo practitioners and scholars argue about whether Kyudo is a form of standing zen or more Shinto in origin.

We can leave these questions up to the scholars and leaders of religious organizations and dojos.  For our purposes, the reason for studying such an contempative Art is to mix our minds with the mind of the lineage as it is handed to us by a master warrior such as the Dorje Dradul of Mukpo.  We have many forms for doing this in our lineage because the Dorje Dradul was a master of profound realization-- therefore the practice of shado, brush calligraphy, became a method through primordial Ashe practice-- waltzing, table manners, military drill, wearing kilts, dressage.  All of these forms certainly exist outside and independently of Shambhala Training.  For a genuine student of this lineage of Shambhala however there really no point in engaging them from that point of view.  It is like sitting in meditation without knowing the key point of realization.

This retreat is open to all.  Beginners will receive "first shot" instruction.  Class equipment is available.

$395.00 includes room and board.

Event Date 05-19-2023
Event End Date 08-21-2022
Individual Price $395.00

Naked Mind Retreat June 24 to July 3' 2022

The Practice of Stillness, Occurrance and Noticing

"When the attention is quiet and still, there is a knowing that this is so. When one is involved in thinking about this and that, there is a knowing that this is so. In this context of stillness and thought occurrence, this knowing is called noticing. These are the three aspects known as stillness, occurrence and noticing.

Now, the training is this: each time you notice that you are thinking of something, you disengage from it and pull back—suspending your attention—into being quiet, into being still, and simply remain like that. When after a while you notice that you are thinking about something, again simply return to the stillness. That is the training. By repeating this over and over, you become more familiar, more experienced. That is how to progress."

Trulshik Rinpoche

"Keep your body straight, refrain from talking, open your mouth slightly, and let the breath flow naturally.  Don't pursue the past and don't invite the future.  Simply rest naturally in the naked ordinary mind of the immediate present without trying to correct it or replace it.  If you rest like that, your mind-essence is clear and precise, awake and naked, without any concerns about thought or recollection, joy or pain.  That is awareness (rigpa)."

Khenpo Gangshar

Prerequisite:  "Touch and Go" Weekend

This retreat is for students who have received the pointing out instruction from a qualified master and completed their ngondro by number or by permission of the staff.

For more information contact the DMC office

795.00 Includes Room and Board

Event Date 06-23-2023
Event End Date 07-02-2023
Individual Price $795.00

"There are no feedbacks" Weekend Practice Intensive 

During this weekend retreat we will engage Trungpa Rinpoche's instructions for the practice of seated meditation.Many practitioners come to the practice of meditation attempting to have an "experience" which will provide some "spiritual reference point."  As Trungpa Rinpoche once pointed out, this is like trying to attend one's own funeral.  It is a fundamental misunderstanding of meditation practice from the perspective of Dzogchen and Mahamudra.

To understand the term "There are no feedbacks" is to become familiar with the direct experience of what is called "the fourth moment."  This is awareness which is not dependent on memory or projectiion of a future event.  Neither does it use conceptualizations in the present as a point of reference.  The meditation method Trunpga Rinpoche introduced to his students is the method for growing familiar with this "unborn awareness."  In Dzogchen this is known as "knowing the one."  Trungpa Rnpoche would often refer to this as "nonexistence" or "nonreference point experience."


$195.00 includes room and board

Event Date 06-23-2023
Event End Date 06-25-2023
Individual Price $195.00