The Inner Yoga of Shamatha/Vipashyana Practice

    The Inner Yoga of Shamatha/Vipashyana Practice

    This weekend we focus on the inner yoga of the 7 point posture of vairocana and why it is important to work on this yogic pose.  We will look at the teachings on the avadhuti channel and centralizing the disparate energies through one pointed training.

    "The teachings of the meditative posture of Vairocana are a method for developing single-minded concentration for the development and completing stages of annuttarayoga tantra, and effortless non-conceptual experience of bliss and clarity.  Therefore beginners should rely on this essential point about the bodily posture....According to the tantra teachings, mind and the energy winds upon which it rides are inseparable.  If the energy-winds "prana" are proplerly channelled, the mind will be focused;  but when they run wild then thoughts do likewise."Wangchuk Dorje, 9th Karmapa

    $195.00 includes room and board

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    Event Date 05-02-2025
    Event End Date 05-04-2025
    Individual Price $195.00