The Left-Handed Tantrika: Vajrayogini Drupchen

    The Left-Handed Tantrika: Vajrayogini, Transgressive Discipline and Crazy Wisdom

    "As in the esoteric Saiva systems, kapalika and sexual practices in the Buddhist tantras are grounded upon a metaphysics of nonduality.  Its purpose is to counter the ordinary, conventional dualism of the mind that naturally perceives aspects of the world as either "pure" or "impure."  By shattering these instinctive responses kapalika practices radically chanlllenge the unenlightened dualistic tendencies of the mind, attacking the innate dichotomy of subject and object and forcing it to break through to the experience of a nondual reality.  In both nondual syustems the underlying method is that of "transgressive discipline" or "conduct of the left" (vamacara)."

    "Considering Dogs, Brahmins and Untouchables to be of the same nature..."

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    Event Date 06-07-2024
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