Shambhala Day

February 21, 2023


Join us for a traditional Shambhala Day celebration.

This year we will start with a morning sitting meditation with instructions for new people from 9-10 a.m.  This will be followed by champagne brunch.

12 noon we will do the Sadhana of Mahamudra and Lhasang

1:00 will be I Ching readings and selected Dharma Readings and informal discussion-- practice booklets will be handed out.

2-3:30 break

3:30 a Shambhala Day Address from the Vidyadhara from days of yore

5 pm Cocktails

6 pm Fireworks!

8-10 Music and Dancing

To reserve a place please call ahead (207) 607-3392

Event Date 02-21-2023
Event End Date 02-21-2023

The Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche:  "The Cosmic Joke and the Great Switcheroo"

There are no prerequisites for this retreat.

"The attempt to confirm our solidity is very painful.  Constantly, we find ourselves suddenly slipping off the edge of a floor that had appeared to extend endlessly.  Then we must attempt to save ourselves from death by immediately building an extension to the floor in order  to make it appear endless again  We think we are safe on our seemingly solid floor, but then we slip off again and have to build another extension.  We do not realize that the whole process is unneccessary, that we do not need a floor to stand on that we have been building all these foors on the ground level.  There was never any danger of falling or need for support.  In fact, our occupation of extending the floor to secure our ground is a big joke, the biggest joke of all, a cosmic joke.  But we may not find it funny; it may sound like a serious double cross"  The Myth of Freedom


"The Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche" retreats are a series of weekend retreats which focus on some of  the key teachings Trungpa Rinpoche presented during his transmission of the authentic Dharma to the west.  In this retreat we will explore the fundamental teachings on habitual mind as the "cosmic joke.;" and how meditation practice enables us to infiltrate the process of ego with wakefulness-- thereby discovering nonreference point experience-- the basis of Mahamudra and Dzogchen-- in the midst of confusion.

The weekend will consist of talks by the resident teacher and the Practice of "mixing mind with space" the essential training of Dzogchen practice.  There will be group discussion and individual meditation interviews.

cost:  $195.00

includes room and board.

Event Date 02-24-2023
Event End Date 02-26-2023
Individual Price $195.00

Milarepa Day Retreat

The "Rain of Wisdom" or Kagyu Gyurtso is a compilation of the spontaneous songs of realization of the Kagyu gurus.  During Milarepa Day practice centers in the mandala of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche would recite the entire book over the course of one day.  It is a profound method for experiencing the blessings , Tibetan "jinlap", Sanskrit "adhistana."  It is often said that Vajrayana is the path of blessings.

Trungpa Rinpoche was not simply a great teacher he was also a great translator.  In our tradition there are translators and there are lotsawas.  "Lotsawas" are great masters who are able to imbue their translations with the blessings of the lineage.  Reading this text is a profound method of realizing these blessings directly.  Because of this we do three days of recitation not just one!

cost $195.00 includes room and board

"In particular, these vajra realization songs of the precious Kagyu, on merely being heard, restore awareness of faith and arouse certaintly of trust.  Experience is tempered, and the confidence of realization is aroused.  In short, they are the essence of the ocean of orders of tantra, the ultimate knowledge of ten million learned and accomplished ones, the heart's blood of a hundred thousand dakinis, the torch illumining the path of liberation,  The very moment fortunate and perceptive disciples hear them, they are completely liberated from all bonds, and only then can become enlightened."

Event Date 03-10-2023
Event End Date 03-12-2023
Individual Price $195.00

Kagyu Ngondro Retreat The General and Special Preliminaries

March 17- March 19, 2023

"Prostrations is a world of its own process, and it doesn't really matter at all if you find yourself confused or upset.  In fact prostration practice has a lot of aspects.  In the beginning it is very difficult and tiresome and a lot of emotionalism comes up.  I remember when I was doing prostrations and particularly when my tutor wasn't watchng me, I used to do them very hard and just break into tears without any reason.  Those things just happen.  You should see what happens from experience, rather than trying to get the whole thing explained in a logical way before you begin.  Thamel gyi shepa is like ignition: it sparks your surrendering and comes to you as awareness of the need to surrender; so you begin to develop a sense of prostrating all the time throughout the day.  Thamel gyi shepa is like a pilot light, transparent, which causes all kinds of other awarenesses to come to light.  It might come as intense emotionality, for instance, in realizing the fragility of our lves. While we are doing the four foundation practices, the basic attitude to have is that you are a millionaire because you are bankrupt already and don't have a penny.  The sense of being a penniless mllionaire happens all the time in daily life.  It is complete surrender, like throwing yourself off a cliff.  And you never get anything in return, but somehow you acquire things on the path.  Without this attitude there are possibilities of becoming Rudra.

It is important to remember the vastness of what we have to learn, how little time we have to learn it, and that all kinds of difficulties and obstructions could come up to interrupt our practice.

Trunpga Ripoche 1974

"All the vidyadhara siddhas agree unanimously that the root of the entire  Buddhadharma is to gain mastery over our own mind.  And yet, there are many people who immerse themselves in a view and meditation made up solely of dry words, or who cling to a blind meditation state that is an exercise in mental fabrication.  It is therefore of cheif importance to guide qualified disciples in accordance with their different capacites and faculties, such as the gradual, instantaneous or skipping-the-grade types.  First of all, they shukd persist in the general and special preliminary practices until the signs appear."

Tsele Natsok Rangdrol


Event Date 03-17-2023
Event End Date 03-19-2023
Individual Price $250.00

Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche:  Shamatha-Vipashyana Meditation: "Touch and Go"

April 4-16, 2023

There are no prerequisites for this retreat

"A common misunderstanding is that the meditative state of mind has to be captured and then nursed and cherished.  That is definitely the wrong approach.  If you try to domesticate your mind through meditation--try to possess it by holding on to the meditative state-- the clear result  will be regression on the path, with a loss of freshness and  spontaneity.  If you try to hold on without lapse all the time, then maintaining   your awareness will begin to become a domestic hassle  It will  become like painfully going through housework.  There will be an underlying sense of resentment, and the practice of meditation will become confusing.  You will begin to develop a love-hate relationship toward your practice, in which your concept of it seems good but, at the same time, the demand this rigid concept makes  on you is too painful.

So the technique is based on touch and go  You focus your attention on the object of awareness then, in the same moment, you disown that awareness and go on. What is needed here is some sense of confidence--confidence that you do not have to securely own your mind, but that you can tune into its process spontaneously."  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The Quintessential Teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche series are a set of weekend retreats suitable for beginners and advanced students which engage the pith oral instructions of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.  In this retreat we will engage the fundamental instructions on Dzogchen and Mahamudra practice given by Trungpa Rinpoche to his direct students.  

As beginners one always comes at practice with a mind conditioned by certain assumptions.  Generally we attempt to sustain a fabricated concentratiion by focusing on a technique.  But in this case one needs to develop a fundamental awareness which knows when you are present directly and then we let go of  any attempt to hold on to a fabricated concentration.  This is both the development and realization of "knowing the one" or "resolving the nature of mind."  It is not about feeling "good" particularly or pushing away thoughts so that we can achieve a "thought-free state."  It is realizing that this moment of knowing when we are present in a way which is not conditioned by our habitual reactions is the ultimate reference point -- the ultimate nature of our awareness.

The weekend will consist of talks by the resident teacher and the Practice of "mixing mind with space" the essential training of Dzogchen practice.  There will be group discussion and individual meditation interviews.


Cost  $195.00

Includes room and Board 

Event Date 04-14-2023
Event End Date 04-16-2023
Individual Price $195.00